Thank you for a fabulous fabulous experience. I loved the way your approached the photoshoot, how you dealt with me and Ethan and how you understood what I wanted. In terms of the end product it is 100%. Everybody who sees it loves (LOVES) it.

The Ross Family - Family Portraits and Headshots

Oh, the classic family photo. So often do they fall flat, look stale as soon as they are in a frame, or do more to cause amusement than nostalgia when perused in photo albums. Not so when Bekah takes the picture. For the past three years, she has timelessly captured our growing family, and given us the gift of sweet memories. These little years fly by so quickly, and we treasure the moments she has so beautifully saved for us. We always appreciate her willingness to get creative, (or even wet and dirty!) and do whatever it takes to grab the perfect shot. We have enjoyed every laughter filled photoshoot, and look forward to many more years of happy memory saving with Rebekah Joy Photography! 

The Abel Family - Three Family Sessions