Wanderings: Chrysler Museum of Art

Adding to the list of activities I didn’t appreciate until adulthood kicked in, I love museums. I didn’t used to. My family would tour  Washington, DC’s museums during cherry blossom season. It was hot, it was humid, and it felt like a forced march. I don’t remember many of the specific exhibits we attended. But, if maturing works retroactively, I appreciate everything my parents did to expand my horizons and culture. Because, now that I’m an artist, I LOVE museums.


Last time I was out this way, Erika and I went to the VMFA. This time, we went to the Chrysler Museum of Art–celebrating our second friendiversary!!


The cameo glass pieces were especially my favorite in the glass exhibit! I couldn’t help but marvel at how these intricate pieces were made.


2015-08-28_0014 2015-08-28_0016 2015-08-28_0015 2015-08-28_0017

2015-08-28_0018 2015-08-28_0021

Impressionism always makes me think of my mom. She is especially fond of Mary Cassatt; we went to a number of her exhibits. Her love of the style extended to me, and I was excited to see there was an impressionist exhibit!


2015-08-28_0022 2015-08-28_00262015-08-28_0025

The most unsettling was definitely the Lunatic of Etretat by Hughes Merle. Erika fairly skipped up to it, flourishing her arms so I would know it was one of her favorites. It truly stays with you. Her eyes bore into you as she protects what should be a baby…but is a log in a blanket.

2015-08-28_0027 2015-08-28_0024

The kinetic chandelier by Luke Jerram hangs in a stairwell, each tiny radiometer spinning in reaction to light. It doesn’t require electricity to run, but there are tiny LEDs in the bulbs so it can run at night!


If the Lunatic painting was one of her favorites, this is her favorite. It’s hollow. Beautifully draped and ghostly and hollow.

The museum was the perfect way to spend the day with Erika. The best friends are the ones with whom you can share goofiness, honesty, and interests, such as art.