Meet Rebekah

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I remember my first camera experience with much embarrassment. It was my brother’s graduation from high school; I was nine years old. I begged my father for a chance with his camera, a bulky Olympus SLR. Just one photo, I pleaded. He granted me my request and I bounced off to take my first ever photo of the graduate. I held the viewfinder to my eye, struggling to keep the long lens steady.


I was so proud of myself…until we got the photo back from the lab. Instead of the smiling face of my brother, I had cut off his head entirely. All that remained was the crooked, blurry image of the piece of cake in my brother’s hand. Despite the merciless teasing from my family, I was determined to do better.

Since then, my relationship with camera and subject has deepened. It started out small, as a silly diversion during my many babysitting jobs, but I soon discovered that my camera and I were inseparable. I had a passion for capturing everyday moments and relationships that went well beyond my own understanding.

That passion has only grown.

I like to think of photographs as a time capsule. They allow you to jump back in time to a specific moment: your engagement, your vows, that year the kids were under 10, your baby’s first weeks, your child preparing to graduate…the list is never ending. I love photography because it allows me to document those special memories for you and deliver them for your enjoyment…for years to come.