Wanderings: Colonial Williamsburg

I LOVE being on vacation. When my best friend offered me a chance to stay at her family’s waterfront Williamsburg home for 10 days, I leapt at the chance. Sunrise devotions on the water? Two adorable (if overly affectionate) australian sheepdogs? Yes, please!


Aside from the wonderfully memorable American Girl Felicity tour I got to take on one freeeezing February morning 16 years ago (so much nostalgia), Colonial Williamsburg seemed like someplace my parents went to for boring grown-up vacations. But now, I think of amazing food, beautiful backdrops, houses steeped in history, and so much more.

Maybe I’m a boring adult! (gasp)

Or, possibly, it’s people you go with who allow you to see a place with new eyes. That was definitely the case when my Erika and I came through a year ago and it’s the same when my friend Chris, a William & Mary grad, walked me through his alma mater’s beautiful campus.


Chris was an amazing guide, telling stories that brought the campus to life. There were ghost stories and war stories, renovations and architecture details. Around us, flocks of huddling freshmen following neon-clad orientation guides evoked thoughts of the continuing story of the school, the next generation. Like the best tour guides, Chris waited while I took photos of every nook and cranny.


In the middle of the most beautiful part of campus was the Crim Dell Bridge. According to the lore, if two lovers kiss on the bridge, they will be lifelong lovers. And, in grand tradition, if they break up, one can push the other off of the bridge.

2015-08-28_0003 2015-08-28_0004

The inside of the Wren Building was still, with only a sparse few people walking its halls. The girl was reading Our Country’s Founders on its steps; I thought it poetic.


It was at this point my tour guide left me in Erika’s care. She and I have been to Colonial Williamsburg so many times, we have favorite spots and traditions that makes it all the more fun! As we’d walked the entire site a couple days before (without my camera!), we made a beeline for our favorite wishing well.


The day was warm and very, very humid, but I can’t resist snapping a few portraits!


I’ve been training Erika in posing techniques, both for herself and others. She’s getting SUPER good!!


We were making our way back from the shops when I spotted this garden down one of the alleys. Isn’t it beautiful?


The bees were everywhere, but I have a new appreciation for them after watching Mr. Holmes. I’m not exactly sure what kind they were, but they were harmless, minding their own business, buzzing from flower to flower. We left them be to return to an air conditioned house.