A Photographer Abroad Days 8 and 9: Hyde Park and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was supposed to be my day in the museums, but a quick internet search informed me that London practically shuts down from December 24-26. Instead, I went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park!


Inside the gates sat a huge Christmas market interspersed with foods and circus rides and other merriment. It seemed that every time I thought I reached the end I would turn a corner and it would continue on.

2014-12-27_0004 2014-12-27_0003

The wonderland was more German themed than I anticipated, with every few food booths some sort of bratwurst or other deliciousness. After a little research, I discovered that Angel Market (and most Christmas markets in the area) are traditional German–not British–markets! I wasn’t complaining; I love a good brat topped with sauerkraut. Mulled wine and cider was everywhere too, and yum!

2014-12-27_0005 2014-12-27_0008 2014-12-27_0009

The Saucy Chip place boasted some delicious chips, though I skipped their signature gravy toppings; I was still full off bratwurst and nutella crepe. I opted for “naked” chips with sea salt and malt vinegar. As I sit here eating brick oven pizza in Edinburgh (!) I’m realizing food is a large part of my overseas experience. Not that I’m complaining, I love good food.

2014-12-27_0007 2014-12-27_0006

A break in the merriment pointed me in the way of the Serpentine where swans, geese, and seagulls showed off in exchange for crumbs.


There were other attractions at Wonderland like an ice palace (there were a lot of Elsas waiting in line), a roller coaster, an observation wheel, and others, but I opted to watch than go in.

Christmas morning dawned cloudy, with the stampede of waking children lively enough to rival any movie.

2014-12-27_0010 2014-12-27_0011 2014-12-27_0014

With Christmas crowns for everyone and every wish fulfilled, the kids settled in to play with their new toys and I settled in for a long winter nap. It was perfect to finally spend a day in. London and the surrounding area is exciting but tiring…I slept for hours before waking to pack for Edinburgh, where I am now! Look for our stop in York and first day at Edinburgh Castle up on the blog tomorrow!