The Bridesmaid Chronicles: Part 1

When my amazing friends Peter and Elizabeth got engaged, I was quick to reassure them I would be there to help at every turn. I was even quicker to agree to be Elizabeth’s bridesmaid(!!). After countless weddings attended as a guest, eight bouquets caught, and six years as a wedding photographer, I’m a bridesmaid. As Amanda Bynes’s character in She’s the Man, Violamight say, “I’ve got a lifetime of knowledge.”

It’s a momentous occasion. I’ve been on the other side of the lens before for headshots, but this time, I get to go behind the scenes of the wedding experience–and report back. As a photographer, I work with brides all the time on one aspect of the wedding: photography. This can expand to schedule advice, vendor recommendations, and sometimes even serving as emergency seamstress, but talking to Elizabeth nearly every day during the months of planning has shown me just how many tiny details and decisions go into one day!

It was an honor to go wedding dress shopping with Elizabeth a few months ago. As an avid Say Yes to the Dress watcher, I’d never experienced it firsthand. Georgetown was rainy that day, but our spirits were high as we went from shop to shop. Elizabeth hemmed and hawed over all the dresses. It’s so easy to be indecisive when you have such a fit figure! But, when it came down to the final two, it was a photo I took of Elizabeth–in the dress–in a window that convinced her of her decision.


In the meantime, we teased Peter we’d found the perfect pink tux for him to wear…

Right now, Elizabeth and Peter’s lives are a whirlwind of final decisions and anticipation. Peter is on the tail end of finishing up his home for Elizabeth’s arrival and Elizabeth is having dress fittings and making sure the details are in order. It’s an odd pairing to have a couple who are both self-professing Type A personalities, but they complement each other nicely.

And now–OHMIGOSH–the wedding is a mere 10 days away.