Peter & Elizabeth – Old Town Alexandria Engagement

When people fall in love, there are a lot of common words thrown around. Adorable. Cute. Sweet. One might even be tempted to use the words totes adorbs. Today’s couple inspires those descriptions in so much excess, their cuteness levels can only be measured in snuggly kitties and tumbling puppies.

You have been warned.


Meet Peter and Elizabeth!!

Their story begins four years ago, on Army Navy Game Day. Peter made quite the impression on Elizabeth and, despite his love of Navy football, the two of them ended up talking about mutual interests more than watching Navy dominate (GO NAVY!). Peter was still on her mind a month later, so Elizabeth scoured their mutual friends on Facebook before finding Peter among them! It wasn’t until September of 2012 they finally went on their first date! Life took its many twists and turns, moving them geographically apart, and, despite their best efforts, they couldn’t find time in their busy schedules to get to know one another better. They managed to stay in touch through the wonders of the internet, conversation always coming naturally, but everything finally aligned in 2014 when Elizabeth discovered she would be moving to DC for work! Peter jumped at the chance to finally date her, even going so far as to fly to Atlanta and help her move. Six months and a proposal overlooking the chilly New York skyline later and here we are!!


I have to admit that this is a couple very near and dear to my own heart. I met Peter after church a little over two years ago. I was new to the group and looking to get plugged in, and he generously invited me to his house for a dinner party: smoked pork and cornhole. He and I bonded over photography and shared work experiences and fell into an easy friendship. After seeing my work, he told me he wanted me as his wedding photographer…one day…

But, last August, when Peter introduced Elizabeth to the group during a church cornhole tournament (wow, cornhole really brings people together!), I thought it only fair for me to return the favor and welcome her into the group. I had no idea I would be welcoming someone who would become such a dear friend in so short a time! Such a dear friend that she wants me as a bridesmaid!! Not going to lie, it’s fun to be fought over by a couple!


Elizabeth is one of the most encouraging, inclusive, and expressive people I know! She is the perfect foil for Peter’s serious, analytic side. She brings out the fun in him and he is a supportive rock for her. They are both kind and driven…and SO happy together! As they walked down the streets of Old Town in matching navy, they looked like the perfect power couple, ready to take the world by storm.


We stopped in Starbucks for a quick costume change, where Elizabeth ordered a tall blonde coffee…much to the amusement of her own tall and blonde fiance.



Their friends are pretty sure there are magnets in their noses.


Peter has a knack for thinking of the little things, like wearing the shirt they met back in November when they modeled for me in November, or, in this case, retrieving Elizabeth’s grandmother’s diamond and resetting it specially for Elizabeth’s ring.


This is the kind of couple who knows where their relationship is founded, who knows the importance of being there for each other as well as just sitting back and having fun with life! It’s been a joy to watch their relationship bloom into something lasting and strong and I am honored to be a bridesmaid for their wedding!